• Moulana Ahmad Hussain who was burnt alive in Tulatoli massacre in North Maugdaw.
  • A Rohingya girl killed brutally in Tongbazar in post 25th August violence by Burmess army.
  • Rohingya youths died after an intebtional hit by Rakhine jeep in Pondogul, Patharkilla
  • Distorted Corpses Of Hossain Zohar S/O. Kalu Meah from Pymali who was killed by Rakhine Terroris on 13 th April, 2018 in Buthiadaung
  • The eyes of Moulana Mohammad Jalil were unrooted by the Burmese Army in Rangabali,North Maungdaw.
  • A Rohingya youth found at Paddy field, of Hainda para, Maungdaw on 26 th August 2017.