Rohingya genocide is an affront to Buddhism, argue Burmese Buddhists abroad

International Desk |RNTv:

Burma’s violent persecution of the Rohingya and other minorities directly contradicts the teachings of Buddhism, writes a collective of 72 members of the Burmese Buddhist diaspora in an open letter. The letter, published on March 31 by the group Saddha: Buddhists For Peace, calls on Burmese Buddhists to consider whether the hyper-nationalism gripping the country now is compatible with the teachings of the Buddha.

It reads, “Buddhists who enact violence against the Rohingya by intentionally spreading lies and abusive speech, attacking Rohingya people and their homes, or harboring hateful thoughts towards Rohingya villagers and refugees are not acting in accordance to the dhamma we were taught. We are told that these actions are done in the name of preserving Burmese Buddhist culture – out of pride for one’s country – but to us, extreme displays of pride, anger, and blind allegiance to a nation have no place in Buddhist practice.”

The authors also come after State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD, who have “become complicit in this violence against Rohingya civilians carried out by the Burma security forces” and acted as a “shield” for the Tatmadaw.