Rohingya are in suffocation by extreme heat in polythene tents

Mehrooz,Staff Reporter|RNTv:

Ukhiya’s natural life journey has gone beyond tolerance level due to the extreme heat of Chaitro, a month in Bangla Calendar. The situation of Rohingyas living in tents is gradually becoming more difficult because of the unbearable heat of polythene. The situation is like the scorching sun with it’s heat packets just right over the head of Rohingya people.

There is no place for safe breathing. The supply of water is inadequate to the demand ratio. In such circumstances, Rohingya boys and girls are living in suffocating environment. Aged and children are suffering from various diseases during this journey of unstable life.
Rohingyas of Kutupalong, Lambashia and Madhurchara camps of Ukhia have reported this issues.

The suffering Rohingyas said that due to absence of any kind of trees in the camp, the temperature of the summer is doubled. Men are somehow passing their days in an open environment. The children are trying to get rid of the heat soaking in the tubewell water. But the girls and women in the polythene tents are spending their time bearing this intolerable heat.

On top of that as the tubewells installed in camps are out of order, girls are going up to one or two kilometer to fetch water.