Rohingya lawyer urges UN to refer Burma to ICC for horrific crimes

Mishelle , Staff Reporter|RNTv:

Ms Rezia Sultana, a lawyer from Burma’s Rohingya Muslim minority who focuses on the trauma, mass rape and trafficking of its girls and women urged the U.N. Security Council on 16th April, Monday to refer Burma to the International Criminal Court for horrific crimes against the Rohingya and other ethnic groups.

‘The Security Council disappointed us’, this statement was made by Ms. Razia Sultana, on behalf of the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security at the UN in New York..

In her statement Razia Sultana outlines her research documenting the widespread and systematic use of sexual violence by the Burma army against Rohingya women and girls and other ethnic minorities, emphasizing that the Security Council should have prevented this latest crisis that has forced over 670,000 Roghingya to flee to Bangladesh since August 2017.

“The widespread threat and use of sexual violence was integral to their strategy, humiliating, terrorising and collectively punishing the Rohingya community and serving as a calculated tool to force them to flee their homelands and prevent their return,” said the UN Secretary General’s report on sexual violence in conflicts, released on March 23.

“Women and girls were caught and gang-raped in their homes, as they were running away or trying to cross the Bangladesh border. Some were horribly mutilated and burned alive,” she said.

She calls for an urgent increase in aid to address the humanitarian situation for those who have fled to Bangladesh and for rule and law, accountability and human rights to drive the international response.