Burmese Political Parties Oppose Easing Travel Restrictions on Rohingya

Staff Reporter|RNTv:

Burma’s main opposition political party and members of some minor parties say they oppose the government’s decision to grant freedom of travel to Rohingya Muslims who possess National Verification Cards (NVCs).

Union Solidarity and Development Party members told the media on 24th April, at party headquarters in Yangon that they will send a letter to President Myint Win expressing their disagreement with the decision.

He said that Rohingya who have lived in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps since fleeing violence in Burma’s Arakan state are free to travel if they accept the NVC and fill out an associated immigration form.

Win Myat Aye also said that anyone who holds the card “can apply for citizenship and can become a citizen within five months.”

Besides denying the Rohingya citizenship, Burma also prevents them from traveling freely outside camps without permission and denies them access to education, employment, and health care.