Burmese authority threatens Rohingyas in the zero-line to take the NVC; Rohingyas boldly reject

Mehrooz, Staff Reporter|RNTv:

On April 25, Wednesday, the Burmese authority has deployed a large number of Burmese army and police personnel in the zero-line of Bangladesh-Burma border. At this time, a frightening situation arose among the Rohingyas who are staying in the zero-line. Burma forces have threatened the Rohingyas to take National Verification Card or NVC– *a verification process to term ethnic Rohingya as alien or foreigner*. If they do not take the NVC, they would be driven away from the zero-line to Bangladesh. In response, Rohingyas said they would neither leave zero-line nor take NVC at the cost of their lives. The bold response of Rohingya angered the Burmese authority more. However, there has been no unwanted incident due to the presence of the international and Bangladeshi media workers in the zero-line.

Mohammad Hossain, a refugee in the zero-line, said that since Wednesday morning, armed forces of Burma are pressurizing us tremendously to take NVC. But we said that we do not need NVC or National Verification Card as we are the citizens of Burma forever. If you agree, give us citizenship card or national identity card. We would accept it as our legal right. He also said, how we participated in the national election of Burma if we were not citizens of Burma? How the Rohingyas represented in the Parliament of Burma? With the NVC card, Burma wants to prove us as foreigners in our motherland. Receiving NVC means we are not indigenous people of Burma. You have killed thousands of our fellow Rohingyas, we will also die in need, but we will never take the unlawful NVC .