Rohingya Refugees are to face a catastrophe in the monsoon

Staff Reporter|RNTv:

The Rohingya Refugees, who fled Burma amid a brutal military crackdown, are now to face a new danger in sprawling refugee camps in neighboring Bangladesh.

The annual monsoon will soon sweep through the immense camps where they got sheltered. As a result of the rainfalls they won’t not be able to light a fire. If the wells flood, there will erupt water scarcity. Their houses will be destroyed.

The Rohingya refugees are now so worried about an imminent danger. Govt authorities and aid agencies have warned of a catastrophe if there are heavy rains this year. The monsoon in Bangladesh usually appears in June to August. Occasional rains have already hit the camps few days ago. The full monsoon is expected to begin in this May. Aid agencies are now pre-positioning supplies across the camps, as flooding could easily block paths to food, water and medical care.

After the early rains, though a handful of people have been relocated, most remain at risk. “There are no more trees, no more roots, so there could be massive landslides”, said UNICEF spokesman Benjamin Steinlechner.

An even bigger worry is cyclones forming in the nearby Bay of Bengal. Cyclones used to regularly kill thousands in Bangladesh, with the storms sweeping through low-lying areas and devastating everything in their path. As there are no fortified and reinforce shelters in the Rohingya camps, they are easily prone to the cyclone.

The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society estimates that at least 100,000 refugees will be exposed to extreme dangers during the monsoon.