Book Name:  A History of Arakan, Past & Present

Author: Dr. Mohammad Yunus

First Edition Published: 1994

A rare valuable book in the present stock of knowledge about Arakan, its past and present writtent by Dr. Mohammad Yunus, a Rohingya scholar and community leader.

The racist Buddhist regime with the help of racist Buddhist historians disrupted the history of Arakanand it’s Muslim inhabitants(Rohingya) despite a millenium long history of Muslim dynasty in Arakan.The author depicted every thin and thick history of Arakan and its people.

The author as a thorough researcher into the history of Arakan brought it into a compilation of book so that it would be impossible for racist regimes and other bias anti Rohingya historians to distort the history, taking every references from reliable sources.

Considering it’s vitality, the book has been translated into Arabic, Urdu and Bangla. Everyone should go through the book to have abreast with vivid idea on Rohingya Muslims in Arakan.

To download and read the book , please click @ A History of Arakan, Past & Present