Remaining Rohingyas of Buthidaung faces arbitrary order

Buthidaung Correspondent|RNTv:

The military battalion 552/564 from Buthidaung ordered tonight 1st June, 2018 at 7:30 PM that the lighting at Rohingya houses in Buthidaung north must be turned off earliest at night and it was also ordered that no one can go out of the houses there at night. 8 Rohingya persons from every village have been sought to attend as security guard for the whole night on the daily basis.

Such arbitrary treatment of the Burmese security forces made the remaining Rohingyas under the stress and fearful condition. A sizable number of Rohingya people have still remained in the Buthidaung township while almost all the Rohingyas of Maungdaw and Rathidaung left Arakan for the neighboring Bangladesh to save their lives amid the atrocious persecution of the Burmese forces since last year.

Some elderly Rohingyas from Buthidaung north have expressed with grief and sorrow to the RNTv reporter that though they are suffering, they have still remained in their motherland with a hope that the attitude of the Burmese authority towards the vulnerable Rohingya minority might change and they would establish peace for all the minorities there.