The 3rd June : Commemoration Day of Rohingya Genocide

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The 3rd June 2012— a historic day when waves of organized massacre and mass destruction were carried out in Arakan State against Rohingya Muslims by the brutal Rakhine extremists in collaboration with the police and security forces.Rohingya Muslims, an ethnic group from Arakan, Burma is one of the world most persecuted people in the world. They have to face well-calculated systematic discriminatory and extremely abusive policy since its independence in 1948.

In this day of 3 June 2012, ten innocent Muslim pilgrims in Arakan State were brutally killed on the flase allegation of killing a Rakhine Buddhist woman by the Muslims. It marked the beginning of a series of terrible pogroms against the Rohingyas since June 2012. The successive events that followed the 3rd June 2012 has been more horrifc and terrible. More than 5,000 Rohingya Muslims have been killed or burnt to death, thousands of them missing, hundreds of women and girls raped. Hundreds of their homes, shops and properties destroyed. Hundreds of Muslim homes have been torched and dozens of mosques and Islamic schools were destroyed.

About 140,000 people have been forced to flee their homes facing humanitarian disaster in squalid Internally Displacement Camps(IDP) under government’s apartheid plan. The refugees here have been facing severe starvation, mal-nutrition devoid of education, medical care adequate food and essentials. More than 20,000 Rohingya have taken the perilous voyages towards Southeast Asian countries, missing scores of them drowned after several boats sank. Thousands of people stranded by boat in South East Asian countries. Lots of Mass graves were found in Thailand and Malaysia with many more yet to be found.

The 2012 massacre compelled thousands of innocent Rohingya flee their homes and hearths

The Rohingya widely known as the most persecuted minority in the world have been victimized to the well organized atrocities of ethnic cleansing or genocide at the hand of the Burmese government. The history of Rohingya genocide widely goes back to 1942 in the British-Burma. But today’s civilized world witnesses a new Genocide on the Rohingya in the current decade of this 21st century.

The recent horrowing tales of Genocide on Rohingya Muslims by brutal Burmese military in Arakan has made another shock in human civilization. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have been victimized to genocidal extermination since late August. The women and children became the most vulnerable victims to the brutalities of the post August attack by Burmese military. An estimated 700,000 genocide survivors crossed into Bangladesh to save their lives.

The most horrible genocidal incident took place at that time was in Tula Toli, a village in the north of Maungdaw, Arakan State. The Tula Toli massacre is a vivid latest scene of Rohingya Genocide. As the Burma government does not allow the free access of the media, the stories of conducted massacre were not known if the survivors could not manage to cross into neighboring Bangladesh. On 30 August, the Burmese security forces, along with ethnic Rakhine Buddhist well equipped with firearms and local arms, attacked the village Tula Toli. It was possible for the Burmese military to carry out a well planned genocidal attack as the Rakhine village head made a deceitful assurance of the villagers’ safety. The houses of the village including a sizable villagers mostly children and women were made on fire. Almost all the villagers were gathered on the river bank. Women and children were separated from Men. Men were slaughtered and shot dead. The soldiers killed the women after raping them.They dumped the dead bodies inside the pits, poured on gasoline, and set them on fire.

The world’s most shocked human tragedy in the civilized age. 

Though the exact number of the casualties is not known, the eyewitnesses estimate the dead to be nearly one thousand as almost all the Rohingyas of the village had to die. Discovering a mass grave on the edge of Inn Din village of Maungdaw in Arakan State has been another evidence of military’s massacre on the innocent Rohingya.

On the eve of the final stage of the well-organized Rohingya genocide, the world communities and civilized societies should come forward to save this dying Rohingya community with no delay.

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