Burma slams ICC’s demand saying “Burma won’t totally accept”

International Desk|RNTv:

Burma slams the query of the pre-trial Chamber of International Criminal Court to know Burma’s observations on ‘intentionally deported’ into Bangladesh saying ICC does not have the right to taking action against it.

Director General of the Burma State Counsellor Office Zaw Htay said, “Myanmar is neither a member country nor signs the agreement. Therefore, the ICC does not have the right to taking action against Myanmar.”

The ICC did not send such cases to other countries facing refugee crisis, reported Burma’s Eleven Media Group quoting Zaw Htay.

Zaw Htay was quoted as saying, ‘The ICC has sent similar case to Myanmar as Bangladesh is a member country. We have never seen such case in the ICC’s exercising international rules and regulations. For that reason, Myanmar won’t totally accept (ICC’s demand).’

In her request, the prosecutor alleged that since August 2017 more than 670,000 members of the Rohingya people, lawfully present in Burma, have been intentionally deported into Bangladesh.

‘Considering that the crime of deportation is alleged to have commenced on the territory of Myanmar, the Chamber deems it appropriate to seek observations from the competent authorities of Myanmar on the prosecutor’s request,’ the ICC letter sent to Myanmar reads.

On Thursday, the competent authorities of Myanmar are invited by the pre-trial Chamber of the ICC to submit written observations, either publicly or confidentially, on three specific matters by July 27, a senior official told UNB.

The three specific areas include the possibility of the Court’s exercise of territorial jurisdiction over the alleged deportation of members of the Rohingya people from Burma into Bangladesh; the circumstances surrounding the crossing of the border by members of the Rohingya people from Burma into Bangladesh; and any other matter in connection with the Prosecutor’s Request that, in the opinion of the competent authorities of Burma, would assist the Chamber in its determination of this request.