Burma’s new strategy to oust the remaining Rohingyas

Maungdaw Correspondent|RNTv:

A year after the widespread genocidal campaign against the Rohingya in Burma’s western state of Arakan, it is known through the reliable source that many of the remaining Rohingya in Arakan are trying to enter Bangladesh. Over the last few days, more than 3,000 Rohingya have gathered in the Burma border side trying to cross into Bangladesh through the Naf river.

Rohingyas complain to RNTv sources from Arakan that Burmese forces are always finding ways to torture the Rohingya pushing them to leave their homes.

It is learned that Burmese military and security forces have continued pressurizing the Rohingyas in various ways i. e. imposing false allegations, arbitrary arrest, unlawful harassment and enforced confinement barring from means of livelihood. In this situation, nearly three thousand Rohingyas left their villages in Arakan and they have been waiting to cross into Bangladesh for several days at Nyakkhandia of Burma’s border side.

The Burmese army has been newly torturing Rohingyas at Rohingya-dominated villages Aliyang, Gudampara, Jongshong, Puimali and Sindi Prang in Buthidaung to the east of the Hill of Arakan State since 23 August. Besides, there have been reports of robbery of Rohingya’s cattle, poultry, paddy along with different types of threats to their lives.

In many areas it was announced explicitly that Arakan is not a safe place for Rohingyas and they were ordered to flee Arakan.