Anti UN flyers bearing the words “UN-Get Out” posted in Mandalay

Staff Reporter|RNTv:

Some anti UN and anti NLD posters bearing the words “UN- Get Out” were found posted on the lampposts in Mandalay on September 4.Township Police officer has been trying to find out and take action against those who affixed the posters.

According to the Friday Times News Journal in its Burmese version, a few unknown persons with motorbykes posted the flyers on the utility poles and lampoosts
around the city between Maha Aung Myay township and Chan Mya Thasi township.Targetting the UN, the posters warned not to interfere on internal affairs of Burma. “UN- Get Out, No need to interfere on Myanmar local cause, No belief on NLD government, There is no Rohija(Rohingya) native, Only illegal Bengali in Myanmar, Myanmar’s history has to purify by brave blood”, the flyers read.

The posting of these mysterious flyers came at the time when the UN based fact-finding mission accused the Burmese top army officers to have genocidal intent against native Rohingya Muslims in Northern Arakan state of Burma. The UN and some other international rights groups accused the generals of committing genocidal attack on innocent Rohingya in August last last year that drove more than 700,000 Rohingya civilians into neighboring Bangladesh. The political analysts suspected that the persons who affixed the posters might be the workers supported by military and its local Buddhist gang.