ICC Claims Jurisdiction to probe Crimes Against Rohingya in Burma

International Desk|RNTv:

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has ruled it can prosecute Burma for alleged crimes against the Rohingya people as a possible crime against humanity, an unprecedented decision that could expose the country’s politicians and military leaders to charges.

The Hague-based court said the top prosecutor of ICC must consider the ruling given earlier “as she continues with her preliminary examination concerning the crimes allegedly committed against the Rohingya people ( in Burma)”. She also said , the preliminary probe, which aimed to determine if there was sufficient evidence to launch a full investigation should must be concluded within a reasonable time frame.

This unprecedent ruling came after Fatou Bensouda, chief prosecuter asked ICC judges for an opinion on whether she could investigate the persecution and forced deportation of Rohingya into neighbouring Bangladesh considering it as a crime against humanity.

About 700,000 Rohingya
Muslims have fled northern Arakan state of Burma into Bangladesh since August last year following a military offensive crack-down that has resulted in torched villages and allegations of murder and rape by Burmese forces and its local Buddhist extremist ally.

Comparing the deportation to a cross-border shooting that “is not completed until the bullet [fired in one country] strikes and kills the victim to escape to another country, she considered Bangladesh as the basis of jurisdiction.

A special U.N. based panel of investigation has recently accused Burmese military of carrying out numerous atrocities during the crackdown against the innocent Rohingya with genocidal intent .Investigators also denounced country’s de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, for failing to use her position and her moral authority to prevent the crisis.