Amnesty International strips Suu Kyi of human rights awards for apparent indifference to atrocities against Rohingya

International Desk|RNTv:

Amnesty International (AI), a London-based human rights organization stripped Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi of its top honorific human rights award for her apparent indifference to atrocities by country’s armed forces committed against innocent Rohingya minority Muslims in Arakan state of wetern Burma.

Amnesty International Secretary-General Kumi Naidoo in an official statement on Monday, November 12 said, Suu Kyi has not used her position as leader of the country to safeguard human rights of the ethnic Rohingya minority. Accusing Suu Kyi of a shameful betrayal of the values she once stood for, the Secretary General said, “As an Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience, our expectation was that you would continue to use your moral authority to speak out against injustice wherever you saw it, not least within Myanmar itself.”

“Today, we are profoundly dismayed that you no longer represent a symbol of hope, courage, and the undying defense of human rights. Amnesty International cannot justify your continued status as a recipient of the Ambassador of Conscience award and so with great sadness we are hereby withdrawing it from you.” Naido wrote in a letter to Suu kyi announcing the withdrawl of 2009 award.

The Rohingya is a group of ethnic Muslim minority largely living in Arakan, a wetern state in Burma had been subjected to inhuman atrocities by Burmese army and its Buddhist Rakhine extremist. Last year, more than 700,000 innocent Rohingya fled the sweeping army crackdown when thousands of Rohingya were killed, hundred of villages burned and gang rapes of young girls and women were carried out. Within a few weeks of the uprising, conservative estimates from MSF (Doctors Without Borders) showed at least 6,700 Rohingya were killed in the violence, including at least 730 children under the age of 5, and hundreds of thousands of Rohingya had fled.UN mandated Fact Finding Mission in its final investigation report accuses the Burmese army of perpetrating genocide against Rohingya and urged trial of senior army officials at International Criminal Court(ICC).