Suu Kyi’s stance in justifying violence against Rohingya is indefensible: Mahatir

International Desk|RNTv:

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir Mohammed criticized Aung San Suu Kyi for her role that has been played during genocide perpetrated by Burmese army against the innocent Rohingya muslim minority. He said the response of country’s leader to such atrocities is indefensible.

Mahatir made his remarks on Tuesday at a news conference on the sidelines of summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN) in Singapore. He said he was very disappointed by Suu kyi’s failure to defend the Rohingya who were driven from their ancestral homeland following a brutal military campaign last year.More than 700,000 innocent Rohingya fled the sweeping army crackdown when thousands of innocent Rohingya were killed, hundreds of villages burned and gang rapes of young girls and women were carried out.Suu kyi has also failed to clearly condemn Burmese army for its so called clearance operation on innocent Rohingya and has instead cast doubt on the veracity of victim’s testimony of atrocities.

“They are actually oppressing these people to the point of mass killing and burial in graves dug by the victims and that may be relevant in ancient times, but in modern days, we don’t do that kind of thing” said 93-year-old Mahatir. He also appealed to Burma to accept Rohingya as their citizens.

The ASEAN bloc tends to shy away from any direct criticism of each other and promote concensus diplomacy. But Mahatir has been much more willing to break with those diplomatic traditions.